Have you heard about viral marketing and videos and would like to adopt it to promote your coffee? But first of all, what is viral marketing? It’s also called buzz marketing. It is a marketing technique that consists of creating content that can be shared and relayed spontaneously by social media users. In short, it’s about creating buzz for the benefit of a brand or company. This technique is quite random, because you never know exactly when a viral marketing campaign will succeed or not. However, there are common denominators to all successful buzz on the Net.

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Humor always works!

Getting people to laugh is always a good start to getting them to share your content. That’s because funny images and messages are the ones that people share the most on the Internet. They will associate your brand with a moment of laughter, which can only be positive for you. Indeed, you should know that the main ingredient to make a viral video is the sharing of Internet users. This is why this interactive marketing technique is also called interactive marketing.
You can be inspired by the Nice restaurant La Petite Sirah, whose menu has toured the world because it has a different rate for coffee depending on the politeness formula used. This example also takes into account the fact that the aim is not only to attract attention. Making yourself known should not be your only goal. You need to convey a message, a value to not only make an impression, but also to associate your establishment with a positive image.

Create interactive advertising

Internet users appreciate when their participation is solicited. For example, there are videos on the Internet that allow users to create their own footage and then share it via social networks. This is the case of an advertisement for the famous coffee brand Nespresso on its YouTube channel. Internet users are invited to remix the different scenes from the ad featuring Georges Clooney and John Malkovich. The aim is for them to create their own film so that they can then share it on Facebook or Twitter. You can also organize contests that require the user to subscribe to your page and then share your content. Of course, you’ll have to promise a prize that’s attractive enough to the winners to get as many entries as possible.

Out of the ordinary

What is surprising, shocking or unusual is always likely to provoke a reaction from the Internet user. This can manifest itself in various ways: The concept of your coffee. For example, an Israeli restaurant has made a name for itself by offering a 50% discount to customers who turn off their smartphone when they enter. The menu. Whether you’re looking for the minimalist or the grandiose, the goal is to differentiate yourself from what’s available elsewhere. The location. Some addresses have made the secret of their location an effective marketing tool to spark the curiosity of Internet users.the decor. An atypical and modern decor will incite customers to take pictures and share them on their corporate accounts.Etc.

In short, bet on originality and you’ll multiply the chances that your video will be worthy of interest! However, be careful not to fall into bad taste so as not to create a bad buzz, at your expense.

Bounce on a news item

Parodying a news item to use it to your advantage is also an interesting vein to exploit. However, in order for this technique to be effective, you need to react while the news is still hot. You must be on the lookout for all the news facts that you can parody to your advantage. Beyond simple advertising, this strategy will be a strong signal of modernity that will not fail to seduce young prospects.
You must also choose a news item that has created enough buzz to ensure that your advertising content generates enough interest.
Finally, the reference to the news must be sufficiently explicit. For successful buzz marketing, you need to be clear and concise. The message must be easily assimilated so that it can be easily relayed.

Leveraging existing resources

Among the specific features of buzz marketing are its free and easy to use. Thus, to achieve your goal, you need to be able to build your campaign on existing resources. For example, it is a question of diverting a campaign or a slogan that already enjoys a certain visibility on the Internet to the benefit of your establishment. For example, a Thai restaurant has taken the liberty of hijacking the KFC brand image to make it HFC or Hitler Fried Chicken. Because of its shocking side, but also because of its connection with the American brand, the restaurant was quickly able to get free publicity on the Net. Without going that far, this is a concept you can be inspired by.

Soliciting solidarity

Touching the emotion and the spirit of solidarity is always an effective way to encourage sharing among Internet users. By participating in a social work for example, or in an initiative in favour of the environmental cause, you will have a good chance of gaining support on the Web. This will kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you have done a good deed, but your institution will also benefit from a positive aura. It will be associated with safe values: sharing, compassion, preserving the planet, etc. For example, some brands dedicate a portion of their profits to the most disadvantaged. This type of action rarely goes unnoticed by the Internet user and easily encourages sharing. In the same way, a brand that is committed to the preservation of nature always benefits from good publicity. This is the case of the shoe brand FAGUO which commits to plant a tree for each item sold.